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Really like the subtle color choices with the hair. Nice job.

Nice portrait. It's clear you can render really well and you have a firm grasp on design and composition so there's really nothing constructive I can say about this lol. I'm trying to get the technique down for oils right now and will be using this piece as inspiration!

rainwalker007 responds:

Thank you for the kind words :) . Im glad u liked it and im honored its inspiring you. All it takes is practice and patience and you will do even better :)

freakin sweet. the textures work really well, the composition and design are simple but effective. nothing bad to say about this. really enjoy this one.

After takin a good look at this i just realized theres something really anatomically wrong with that left arm/hand of hers going up towards her head, which is kind of distracting me from an overall nice piece.

Waveloop responds:

Thanks for the attention. Yes there is something off about that arm, but I'm pretty sure it's Not anatomical, since it's a pretty spot on representation from reference, it has to do it the values, I ,messed up with the values on that area, because I deviated from the original reference on the color and texture of her shirt, and that area came out weird. But if you do a structural model with anatomical landmarks, you'll see like I did, that anatomically, everything is working out fine. But this was a lighting study, and for that effect I'm more than pleased. Thanks for stoping by though. Appreciate it.

this is pretty cool. im not sure whats going on with the left side of the page. looks like the cape is sticking out for some reason and you blurred over it, for me its a little distracting. overall though, nice job.

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